Bayessoft = Bayes + Soft

A software company with Bayes’ vision.

Our Name: “Bayessoft” derives its name from Thomas Bayes (1701-1761), who was an English statistician, philosopher, and pastor. Aiming to prove the beauty of God’s creation, Thomas invented an equation called Bayes’ rule, i.e., P(θ|D) = P(θ)*P(D|θ)/P(D). Inspired by Bayes vision Dr. Yang founded the company in 2002 while he was still a graduate student at UCLA-School of Public Health. His dream is to develop a software company to explore solutions for a healthy world.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping improve people’s health by merging biostatistics & bioinformatics expertise with information technologies to foster the emergence of personalized medicine, which targets individualized treatment and care based on personal and genetic variation.

More specifically, we develop Bayesian data solutions and computing software tools over the mobile and cloud platforms to help biomedical investigators and healthcare practitioners to improve the cost-effectiveness of medical Research & Development and quality of clinical decision-making.

Our Team

David Yang


Dr. Yang has over 12 years of experience with biomedical Research & Development in both academic and industry settings since his graduation from UCLA- Department of Biostatistics. Sharing the vision of Thomas Bayes, Dr. Yang founded the software company - Bayessoft – to explore ways of health enhancement via technology improvement. As a biostatistician, he has undertaken the role of Principal Investigator on multiple NIH-funded projects, leading the development of innovative statistical methods for challenging tasks (molecular biomarker discovery, quality of care, and incomplete data analysis) many times. He is a productive scientist who has published more than 40 articles. Now, Dr. Yang works full-time at the company in business development. Real world experience has taught him much of what he knows concerning business administration and software. He has a great passion for merging science with art to create products/services to enhance people’s quality of life. Dr. Yang likes music and playing guitar as well as long-distance running.

Joseph Wiemels

Scientific Advisor

Joseph Wiemels is a renowned Cancer Epidemiologist conducting research on molecular and genetic epidemiology and etiology of childhood leukemia, adult and child brain cancer, adult meningioma, skin, and pancreatic cancer. Currently, Dr. Wiemels is working with David Yang in developing a series of biologically-based Bayesian strategies for molecular biomarker discovery from integrated genomics analyses, (e.g., global genetic polymorphism, gene expression, and DNA methylation measurements on the same series of subjects in the CCLS). Implicit for these analyses is an intelligent biological annotation of the genome so that relevant features for a disease (in this case childhood B-cell leukemia) are readily apparent. As an experienced scientist, Dr. Wiemels assists Dr. Yang to ensure the scientific soundness of Bayessoft’s software product development and consulting services in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics.

Edward Lin


Mr. Lin obtained a Masters from Marquette University in Computer Science in 2001. He has 16 years of experience with expertise in software development, network communication and business intelligence related to data warehouse projects. He has worked as a chief developer for CIBMTR, the world’s largest Bone Marrow Transplant data collection center, and developed multiple Windows and web based data collection and processing application for CIBMTR data warehouse. He is a certified developer and network engineer for Microsoft, Sun, and Cisco.

Thomas Bianchini

Marketing Manager

Thomas is a Sacramento native and has spent an extensive career in creative print advertising and marketing as a graphic designer and photographer. As the age of print marketing started to wane Thomas quickly adapted to learning web design and marketing techniques to put his creative and analytical skills to use. Having coached many business owners on their marketing strategies Thomas enjoys the process of business development. “I am thrilled with my involvement at Bayessoft, it allows me to contribute all of my skillsets while working with immensely talented investigators, scientists, developers and just plain great people.”

Ricardo Nunez

Mobile Technology Director

Ricardo originally grew up in the Bay Area, and later studied Computer Science at UC Davis. There, he discovered iOS app development, and has been doing it ever since (and loving it). At Bayessoft, he heads the mobile app team, where he not only makes sure the products work great, but that they look and feel just as exceptional. When he’s not busy coding, he can be seen working with rest of the teams to ensure product development progresses smoothly and efficiently. He loves good company, good coffee, and good beer. When asked about his favorite part about working for Bayessoft, he simply replied, “It’s the free coffee”.

Cheryl Woods

HR & Office Manager

Cheryl Woods has a BA in Political Science from CSUS and has been working towards the completion of an MBA. Part of her undergraduate studies found her in Oxford, England where she was accepted as a student for a term abroad in International Politics. She worked for the California Department of Food and Agriculture for several years in various branches where her duties ranged from constructing and publishing the department newsletter to conducting experiments and the presentation of findings. She then took a position as a Junior Specialist at the UC Davis Vet Med Teaching Hospital where she worked with Veterinarians, Pharmacists, Bio Chemists and Master Librarians to determine depletion rates of drugs in our food animals. At Bayessoft Cheryl is in charge of Management and Outreach. She is excited to work with such a diverse and energetic team. “The best part of this job is I am excited to come to work. We have a great group of people and we all have different backgrounds- be it educational or cultural. Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Mobile and Web Development, Genetics, Epidemiology, and Technology – We learn something new every day.”