Experienced Consultancy in Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, and Computing

Our company specializes in developing and applying Bayesian inferential methods and computing solutions for applications in biomedical research at community, personal, and molecular levels. These include generalized linear mixed models for quality of care analysis, imputation-based strategies for longitudinal clinical trial data with missing values, and integrative Bayesian strategies for biomarker discovery within a biomolecular network-based hierarchical modeling structure using high-throughput Omics data (Peng et al., 2013). We are developing innovative software tools for real-time data collection (ePRO and eDiary), Bayesian adaptive design, a combined strategy to help our customers save time and money on clinical studies. Additionally we have the experience to offer study design, data analysis, and decision-making with non-Bayesian statistics )i.e.: Frequentest’ and Likelihood-based inferential methods).

With multidisciplinary expertise, Bayessoft Inc. offers expert consulting service in Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, and HIT (Health Information Technologies). We are able to provide support covering the whole spectrum of biomedical Research & Development:

  • Study Design for clinical trials and surveys

  • Data Collection & Management over mobile & web applications

  • Data Analysis & Exploration with advanced statistical methodology and data mining algorithms

  • Publication, Quality Control & Regulatory Issues

We are a leading company in developing innovative statistical methods and high-performance computing software to serve the needs of translational medicine, e.g.:

  • Bayesian Adaptive Trial Design for Personalized Medicine Development

  • Analysis of High-Throughput & Multi-Type Omics Data for Biomarker Discovery

  • Online Text-mining for knowledge discovery for Disease/Health Management

Bayessoft team members have rich experience working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries as consultants in biostatistics and bioinformatics. They have made great contributions to companies like Roche and GSK by providing services including:

  • SAPs (Statistical Analysis Planning) for Phase I-III clinical trials for Pre-Clinical & Clinical Data Analysis

  • SAS/R Programming

  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF)

  • FDA submission & other regulatory issues