iCollect365—A Solution To Changing Times in the Clinical Research Industry

iCollect365 resorts to Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA), for real time data collection and analysis. The ability to capture data in context has long been the goal for clinical researchers. At Bayessoft we recognize that the coming of Personalized Medicine has become an imperative. From a biostatistician’s view, medical R&D is an integrated process of data collection, management, and analysis (DCMA). There are many challenges with traditional approaches of DCMA:

Challenges to DCMA

  • Paper-based systems are still wide spread which inherently leads to inaccurate or incomplete data

  • Standard Electronic Patient Reported Outcome solutions are too costly and typically inflexible

  • Most research institutions use their own IT departments making collaboration difficult

The iCollect365 Solution

  • A web and mobile based application providing ease of access to both investigators and participants

  • Affordable online system that works with participants’ smart phone

  • Secure servers that store your data and provide a platform for collaboration

How iCollect365 Works:

Create a Form:

  • Multiple question types

  • Create event-trackers to monitor behavior in the context of time and location as they occur

  • Distribute forms directly to participants’ mobile app

  • Fast, convenient, versatile, intuitive, and professional

Capture Data:

  • Mobile app captures data in environmental and chronological context

  • Mobile app is Bluetooth enabled to hookup most sensor devices

  • Offline and online data acquisition

  • Secure data transfer with 128-bit encryption

Exploration Data:

  • Secure data storage over the cloud

  • Edit, check and track history

  • Real-time data inspection for quick decision making

  • Multiple charts for data visualization

  • Download data in your preferred format