A Powerful Resource Tool For Exploring the Human Genome in Predicting Health Conditions

Genetics365 is a powerful GWAS (genome-wide association study) visualization and reference tool for the iPad. It is a powerful tool for Personalized Medicine research and clinical decision making. See how different SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) relate to different diseases and traits in exciting new ways. Get a quick overview of SNP trait associations by chromosome or disease and quickly filter down to a particular disease or SNP. Search by SNP ID, disease/trait, gene name, PubMed ID or author and even “favorite” individual SNPs or PubMed articles for easy reference and to share with friends or colleagues. By entering your 23&Me account information Genetics365 would enable you to explore your own genotypes and associates with health risks and drug interactions.


  • Interactive User Interface

  • Powerful GWAS Research Resource Tool

  • Access To Relevant PubMed Articles

  • Robust Search Function

  • Save Favorites For Quick Reference

  • Enable Personalized Genome Exploration

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