Pricing Policy

Due to the verity that all project proposals are different we encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs. All Company members have at one point contributed to a Grant and/or Contract process and we understand the need for confidentiality. All members involved in the consultation process will be required to sign an NDA (Non- Disclosure Agreement) disallowing any party from discussing proprietary information with any third party. This will allow you the opportunity to freely discuss your requirements and needs with your consultant, as well as protecting Company technology investments. Pricing requirements will be based on a conservative measure of time involved in delivering the information or process you request in addition to how many Company members would be required to contribute to the data collection or results verification. Please fill out the accompanying form providing us with your contact information and how best to correspond with you. We also request you provide us with an overview of what services you require and from what departments/ disciplines. We do not require specific details concerning your study or research at this time. Providing an overview will ensure that our consultants are prepared to discuss your field and assist us in providing you the best consultation in the timeliest manner possible. Please see moree information on the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages.

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